About WOOFPACKS.CO, a Malaysian Lifestyle Apparel Brand

About WOOFPACKS.CO, a Malaysian Lifestyle Apparel Brand

A streetwear brand, a fashion brand, or a lifestyle brand?

These are the questions we get asked a lot throughout the first year of our operation and also the questions we keep asking ourselves along this journey of shaping Woofpacks.co into what it is today, a Malaysian lifestyle apparel brand. 

We know, a bit confusing eh? lifestyle apparel brand.

Well, let me try to explain in a simpler terms, if there is one. We are primarily an apparel brand producing clothings, bags, and accessories but we are more than putting graphics on a t shirt and try to sell it to you at a premium pricing. Our design is an extension of our thoughts that happiness should really be very simple. We want each of our product to be able to provide smiles and happiness to not just it's owner, but the people around them too. What you are paying for is a product, but what we are offering is a lifestyle that could be useful to you everyday, for the rest of your lives. 

Take a moment to think. Every time you stumble upon a short video of a puppy, do you remember that instant when you just smile without you knowing? That short, but involuntary joy is what we are trying to express. Why do we spend our entire lives chasing the ultimate happiness, but never take a moment to appreciate the joy that we get in our daily lives? 

Through our designs and products, we wanna invite you along on our journey. A journey of embracing the Simple Happiness in life and continue to spread the joy to those around you. Happiness doesn't need approval, so be your own ambassador of happiness.