Our Story

Our Origin

Woofpacks.co was founded in 2016, by several dog lovers just showing what they love, embroidering it on ready-made tees and selling it to their friends and families. It was never meant to be established as a brand or a business. However, as the brand got bigger, the team only got smaller. 2018 was the year where things changed, same brand, different team, different agenda, rebooted. 

Our Journey

Our journey of changing a hobby into an lifestyle apparel brand went from picking between ready-made tees to the enormous Canton Fair in Guangzhou to sourcing fabrics directly from local manufacturer. What do we look for? High quality, comfortable yet affordable apparel that can incorporate our brand into your daily life. A proper way to showcase our design and our passion, our love for dogs.

Our Philosophy

Woofpacks.co is not a brand that strive for popularity, we prefer not to overlook the quality of a piece of clothing while highlighting our designs. We are no Anti Social Social Club, and we don't intend to be. Woofpacks.co is nor founded by a fashionista, neither is it targeted for one. We aim to satisfy every one of our customer by providing value for the price you pay, for the shirt you wear, and for the lifestyle you are joining. Woofpacks.co is a brand that you like it when you see it, and you will love it once you wore it. 

It's simple, really. Every time you watch a cute video of a puppy or a kitten, you smile automatically. That is the simple happiness that we want to spread to all of you, to make all of your days filled with these simple happiness. Happiness should be simple, straightforward. This is our design philosophy for all of our designs, it's to make all your days that little bit better, especially on days where you just need that little boost, that simple, but pure happiness, those bittersweet days.